Call for participants – Training: Understanding and Working with Conflict

Understanding and Working with Conflict is an 8-day training course that aims to help young people to gain a new and improved appreciation of conflict, to deepen young people´s understanding about conflicts by closely looking at its nature and dynamics, and giving them practical skills and tools to transform their conflicts and learn from them. It will gather 30 youth workers, youth leaders and youth trainers from CoE member countries in Barcelona, Spain from 13th to 20th of April 2013.

The training will deal extensively with how to work with conflicts –its nature, types, how to analyse them, and different ways of dealing with them. Youth will learn and practice useful methods, which are inspiring and creative, based on arts, communication, dialogue and exchange. It aims to provide in-depth and holistic understanding of the conflicts in different levels.

The training starts from the idea that young people play an important role in conflict and violence in their societies. In one way or another, youth experience conflicts in their lives, making them vulnerable to resort to violent ways of responding to it. Social exclusion happens when young people suffer from a combination of linked problems derived from the continuing cycle of physical, social, cultural and structural violence – such as unemployment, poor skills, discrimination, lack of education, etc. This exclusion further creates a cycle of critical challenges facing young people, especially in the post-war regions, where thinking “outside the box” is needed.

For more information, please go here.


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