David Goodhart: Immigration must serve British interests

We need to think about new ways of distinguishing between these two groups—short-termers and long-termers—so that ordinary citizens begin to recognise the distinction and see that we are involved in two very different kinds of relationships: a mutually beneficial short-term exchange and a long-term citizenship commitment. There are several ways this can be done. We should ensure, and then publicise the fact, that the short-termers do not receive full citizenship rights and entitlements; they can of course use public services but have no right to social security payments, tax credits or public housing (this cannot apply to EU citizens; whether it should or not is an argument for another day). We might also introduce ID cards for short-termers as a mark of their special and impermanent status and as a way of ensuring that short-termers stay short-termers.
Read the full article here.

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