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Responses to Discrimination: Michèle Lamont

Professor Michèle Lamont (Harvard) presenting on “Responses to Discrimination and the transformation of group boundaries in Brazil, Israel, and the United States” at the 2012 ASEN Conference on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries. Watch the full lecture here (length: 37 minutes). Advertisements

Diagnosing Diasporas: A Comprehensive Effort to Understand Variations in Mobilization and Extremism

A lecture on diaspora mobilization, and why some diasporas mobilize and some not. Prof. Dr. Stephen Saideman (website: – Twitter: Prof. Dr. Stephen Saideman holds the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. In addition to his books, The Ties That Divide: Ethnic Politics, Foreign Policy and International Conflict […]

Islam Leader Calls for Muslim Holidays in Germany

In 2010 former German President Christian Wulff made the assertion that, “Islam belongs in Germany,” provoking something of a conservative backlash. Now, Germany’s Central Council of Muslims (ZMD) is bringing the topic back into the public eye — and suggesting the introduction of statutory Muslim holidays throughout Germany. Council chairman Aiman Mazyek told the Thursday edition of the […]

Populism in Central Europe – challenge for the future

Populism is a complex challenge to our democratic political systems, even more so in times of crisis. The contributions from experts on this topic from six Central and Eastern European countries are now available to download, the result of a GEF seminar on this topic organised last October with the support of the Heinrich Böll […]

How the granting of nationality affects Egypt’s national security

The granting of Egyptian nationality to foreigners is an important issue that could have serious implications for the country’s national security, especially at this critical juncture in Egypt’s history. The issue is now making newspaper headlines along with the issue of internal security and the bloody confrontations between the two factions of the Egyptian people. […]

Birthright citizenship contested on Capitol Hill

Amid all the talk in Congress about immigration, some Republicans continue to want to deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants born in the USA. Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn. is one of them. Although birthright citizenship is widely regarded as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, these lawmakers contend the language of the amendment has been […]

Call for papers: Doing citizenship. Practices of exclusion, demands of inclusion and new subjectivities in the Middle East and Europe

Recent Middle East revolutions have placed the issue of citizenship at the centre of political reflection. Political conflicts, the debate on the new constitutions and cultural disputes seem to entail different ways of conceiving citizenship, civil and political rights, ideals and practices of belonging, other than implying different levels of recognition: sub-national, national and supranational. […]