After the e-government, here come the e-citizens

To continue to move towards a true e-state, anyone who comes here should be given an Estonian digital identity. In other words, the state should ensure that Estonian citizens who have left the country or foreigners who have lived here for a short or long period continue to be linked to the country as e-residents. Estonia would thus gain credibility and attract investors.

This is not science fiction; the proof is already here. The founding documents of the e-Estonia are the identity card and a system for exchanging digital data, X-tee, have already been around for ten years. About 500,000 Estonians use their digital identity card as proof of identity or to provide a digital signature.

Read the full report here.


One comment

  1. Why is the rate of internet use in Estonia so high? And what does it mean to be “linked to a country”, offline or online?

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