Iraqi nationalism then and now: the war anniversary’s bigger picture

Iraqi nationalism was the main factor in instigating the 1920 revolution against British occupation. Decades later, a liberated Iraq saw its Hashemite monarchy, which was viewed as a foreign imposition, dismantled in yet another revolution in 1958. There was no reference to sectarianism in those revolutionary phases, unlike the narrative that plagues Iraqi and Arab politics today.

One cannot deny that there is definitely still a lingering sense of Iraqi nationalism, a flip through Iraq’s TV channels will prove the love and loyalty felt by the population. But this nationalism needs to be nurtured by the government by reducing sectarian differences. Seculars ought to feel the responsibility to further expand their influence or else Iraq will become a loose, unmanageable nation like Lebanon.

The full article, in which the author argues for the encouraging of nationalism, can be read here.


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  1. Yes – there’s so much hope for Iraq in spite of the sectarianism. Hopefully it will be realised.

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