Training Course on Faith, Acceptance and Cultural Racism

A training course to look how to engage young people in culturally diverse activities, with a focus on faith and acceptance. This training is aimed at Youth workers / Youth leaders who work directly with young people and who wish to discuss how to engage young people in interfaith activities.

Draft Objectives are:

1) To reflect on intercultural dialogue in youth work, on the role of religious and non-religious beliefs and values
2) To identify new challenges in intercultural dialogue, such as ‘cultural racism’ and new forms of discrimination
3) To exchange best practices through project examples on how to engage young people on interfaith action on local level
4) To review resources available for interfaith youth work
5) To consider the role of youth workers in addressing interfaith dialogue issues with diverse groups of young people in a changing world
6) To equip participants with competences to implement future YiA projects dealing with interfaith dialogue.

The local multicultural environment will be used for inspiration and visits, to enrich the content and debate. It’s hoped that the interfaith communities, between Jewish, Christian, Muslim etc, will contribute to the flow of the training, and will be a chance to exchange opinions and differences on a challenging topic.

Dates: 13-18 May 2013

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

Application Deadline: April 10

More information can be found here.


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