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New Journal: Studies on National Movements

The NISE (National Movements & Intermediary Structures in Europe) platform for scholars and research institutes has created a new international online journal focusing on comparative historiography of national and regional movements and the theory formation of nationalism. The first volume includes articles on Upper Silesia, Flanders, Catalonia, Brittany and Lithuania, and is available for free […]

The Netherlands: From National Identity to Plural Identifications

National identity has become a highly politicized issue in the Netherlands in the past decade, with many public figures voicing different opinions on what it means to be “Dutch.” Both right-wing and mainstream parties have adopted political rhetoric that appeals to the public’s growing anxiety about immigrants and their effect on local communities, and many […]

Populism in Central Europe – challenge for the future

Populism is a complex challenge to our democratic political systems, even more so in times of crisis. The contributions from experts on this topic from six Central and Eastern European countries are now available to download, the result of a GEF seminar on this topic organised last October with the support of the Heinrich Böll […]

Immigrants to EU countries less likely to live on benefits

Immigrants to the European Union are, for the most part, less likely to live on welfare than the native population, according to academic research due to be published which challenges the idea that benefits are a “pull factor” for migration. The study, Unemployment Benefits and Immigration: Evidence from the EU, says there is no correlation between levels of unemployment […]

Christian Joppke: Through the European looking glass: citizenship tests in the USA, Australia, and Canada

Discussing new or recently reformed citizenship tests in the USA, Australia, and Canada, this article asks whether they amount to a restrictive turn of new world citizenship, similar to recent developments in Europe. I argue that elements of a restrictive turn are noticeable in Australia and Canada, but only at the level of political rhetoric, […]

Murad Ismayilov: State, identity, and the politics of music: Eurovision and nation-building in Azerbaijan

Albeit often – and fairly – degraded in the world of high culture as a populist and politicized representation of music, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) – by sheer virtue of the populist and politicized nature of its essence – stands among the most consequential cultural encounters to which post-independence Azerbaijan has been exposed, in […]

Stef Jansen: People and things in the ethnography of borders: materialising the division of Sarajevo

This article addresses the contrasting pull of two tendencies in anthropology: (a) calls to redress the purification of human from non-human actants and (b) calls to denaturalise notions of borders as things, foregrounding borderwork. The resulting dilemma – do we treat people and things as equivalent actants on a ‘flat’ plane or not?– is explored […]