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Krishan Kumar: Nationalism and Revolution: Friend or Foes?

Krishan Kumar, Sociology Professor, discusses the relation between nationalism and revolution. First he discusses the assumption that there is a kind of natural or intrinsic connection between nationalism and revolution (the friendship), and then discusses the divergence in practice between the principles of revolution and the principles of nationalism. Watch the full lecture here (length […]

The rise of the far-right in Hungary

Jobbik is one of the most politically successful far-righ parties in Europe. The Hungarian party is anti-EU, anti-semitic and anti-roma, and have thrived since the financial crisis. Channel 4’s Paraic O’Brien reports. Watch the video here (length: 10 minutes).

Limiting Myanmar’s Rohingya?

The Rohingya Muslims of Myamnar have been described as some of the world’s least wanted, and most persecuted, people. Now, a government-appointed commission has declared that their rapidly growing population represents a serious threat that makes ethnic Buddhists feel insecure. Hundreds of people have been killed, and many Muslim villages burned down, in communal violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state over the […]

Branko: return to Auschwitz (documentary)

68 years passed since young child was liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp. His name is Branko Lustig and now he is one of the most successful producers in Hollywood: he won the Oscar for “Schindler’s List” and “Gladiator”, worked on “The Tin Drum”, “Sophie’s Choice”, “War and Remembrance” etc. In this documentary made by […]

The Poverty of Nationalist Politics after Communism – Charles King

A lecture titled ‘the poverty of nationalist politics after communism’, from the 2013 ASEN conference. He critically looks at the transformations, which are often remembered as national and as revolutions. Watch the lecture here (length 26 minutes).

Nationalism and Religion: Collective Identity and Choice: David Martin

The 19th Annual Ernest Gellner Memorial Lecture Nationalism and Religion: Collective Identity and Choice This lecture covers the revolutions following 1989, the Evangelical reolution in the Global South, and the revolution in the Arab World. David Martin is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics Watch the full lecture here (length: 59 […]

Integration of Migrants – Access to Nationality

Maarten Vink, Professor at Maastricht University and Part-time Professor at European University Institute, speaks about integration of migrants and access to nationality. Watch the video here.