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Far-Right Protests New Refugee Shelter in Berlin

The number of people applying for asylum in Germany has increased significantly in recent months, leading to a housing shortage. In Berlin, a conflict with residents and the far right has erupted as a result. When some 200 asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere moved in to a newly opened shelter in Berlin’s Marzahn-Hellersdorf […]

UK: Queen’s speech to feature new curbs on migrants from EU

David Cameron will today make his most concerted effort yet to prevent a stampede of his core vote to Ukip by unveiling measures to stem the flow of EU migrants to Britain, including imposing fines on private landlords if they do not check the immigration status of their tenants. Landlords will face fines of thousands […]

Nearly 400 People Detained in Immigration Raid in Russia

Russian security services and immigration police raided a market in the center of St. Petersburg on Thursday and detained 378 people, many of them migrants from Central Asia and the mainly Muslim North Caucasus. The arrests followed an armed melee at the gates of the market early Thursday morning in which one man died of […]

UK: New migrants will have to wait a year for legal aid

Foreign nationals are to be denied the right to obtain legal aid for civil cases until they have lived in Britain for at least a year, the justice secretary Chris Grayling will announce this week. In the latest example of a tougher approach on immigration, Grayling said the government was particularly keen to target people […]

European watchdog accuses Britain of shameful rhetoric on migrants

The debate over immigration in Britain has taken a worrying turn and is fuelling stereotypes and hostility towards migrants, Europe’s human rights watchdog has warned. Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, has said it is simply unacceptable to treat Bulgarian and Romanian citizens like a scourge and says it is time to blow the […]