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Spain: government bill introduces language and integration tests

The conservative government in Spain seeks to fulfil its electoral promise of modifying the rules of residence-based naturalisation in a new bill introduced in Parliament in March 2013. The main novelty of the bill is the introduction of a language test and of an integration test. Besides the fact that the current bill does not […]

Christian Joppke: Through the European looking glass: citizenship tests in the USA, Australia, and Canada

Discussing new or recently reformed citizenship tests in the USA, Australia, and Canada, this article asks whether they amount to a restrictive turn of new world citizenship, similar to recent developments in Europe. I argue that elements of a restrictive turn are noticeable in Australia and Canada, but only at the level of political rhetoric, […]

‘Patriotic’ Or ‘Civic’ Citizenship Test For The UK

The proposed revision of the UK citizenship test, coming into effect by March 2013, stirred controversy over whether learning about the ‘country’s proud history’ will indeed make migrants better citizens and facilitate their integration in the society. Proportionate division of thematic questions and stronger focus on the civic rather than the ethno-centric Britishness in the […]

Why the new British citizenship test distorts history

The Home Office has been struggling for some time to devise a model of “Britishness” to which immigrants seeking British citizenship should aim. Many of its efforts lean heavily on history, and on teaching prospective citizens about the great events and people of Britain’s past. Usually this is done in order to foster admiration for our […]