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European watchdog accuses Britain of shameful rhetoric on migrants

The debate over immigration in Britain has taken a worrying turn and is fuelling stereotypes and hostility towards migrants, Europe’s human rights watchdog has warned. Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, has said it is simply unacceptable to treat Bulgarian and Romanian citizens like a scourge and says it is time to blow the […]

Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Recognition in Europe (Lecture)

‘And People’s Concerns Were Genuine: Why Didn’t We Listen More?’: Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Recognition in Europe Professor Umut Özkırımlı, Professor in Contemporary Turkey Studies at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University. The aim of this paper is to draw attention to the dangerous nature of the current debates on immigration and multiculturalism in […]

Immigrants to EU countries less likely to live on benefits

Immigrants to the European Union are, for the most part, less likely to live on welfare than the native population, according to academic research due to be published which challenges the idea that benefits are a “pull factor” for migration. The study, Unemployment Benefits and Immigration: Evidence from the EU, says there is no correlation between levels of unemployment […]

The South Tyrol Success Story: Italy’s German-Speaking Province Escapes the Crisis

The German-speaking Italian province of South Tyrol has defied the economic crisis with almost full employment and a healthy economy. Its success is partly due to its paternalistic governor, Luis Durnwalder, who has ruled the province practically as his personal fiefdom since 1989. Resentment of Rome is growing in the region, which once belonged to […]