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German Euroskeptic Party Attracts Right Wing

Since its launch in April, euroskeptic party Alternative for Germany has been accused of peddling right-wing sentiments. A new study establishes the party’s centrist status, but shows that it still attracts right-wing populist attention. As founder of the country’s euroskeptic party, Bernd Lucke is among the most controversial figures in Germany. His political agenda — […]

SPD Candidate Backs Muslim-Friendly Gym Class

When it comes to the integration of Germany’s Muslim minority, the center-left Social Democrats tend to be much less hard-line than Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives. But on Wednesday evening, SPD chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück may have gone a step too far when he waded into what in the past has been a hornet’s nest of […]

Protests Raise Ethnic Tensions in Western Macedonia After Local Elections

Several thousand Macedonians took to the streets and jeered the country’s PM after the ethnically-mixed town of Kicevo got its first Albanian mayor in Sunday’s municipal vote. Fatmir Dehari from the ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, the junior partner in the ruling coalition, became mayor in the first round of the local elections on […]

Austria’s far-right heartland has a change of heart

Four years after his death, the spirit of Jörg Haider, who hatched a brand of rightwing populism that has been copied across Europe, has finally been laid to rest. In his former powerbase in Carinthia, the far-right suffered a serious setback in the regional election on 3 March, polling only 17% of the vote compared […]