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Ethnic violence erupts in Burma leaving scores dead

Burma┬áhas issued a state of emergency in the central city of Meikhtila after three days of ethnic violence between Muslims and Buddhists has left scores dead, forced thousands to flee and left local homes and shops reduced to smoking rubble. Rioting began on Wednesday in the now ash-covered town, located 360 miles north of the […]

Cambridge University medicine admissions show race gap

People applying to study medicine at Cambridge University with three A*s at A-level are more than 20% more likely to be given an offer if they are white than if they are from an ethnic minority, according to new data released by the institution. Cambridge University released the detailed admissions data, covering 2010 to 2012, […]

Jason Chen Ethnicity and Identity

Jason Chen in his 2008 documentary Ethnicity and Identity interviews seven second-generation Chinese diaspora members asking a simple question – who are they? Chinese or French, Australian, Russian, Singaporean, Dutch etc.? What role does ethnicity play in personal identification? Watch it on YouTube (4 parts in total) Have questions or comments? Post them below to […]

South Sudan army begins offensive against Yau Yau rebels, kills 28

South Sudan’s army launched a military offensive against insurgents loyal to rebel leader David Yau Yau in the eastern Jonglei state, killing 28 militants, authorities said on Tuesday. Yau Yau raised a rebellion last year, with support from his Murle ethnic group, after losing local elections in 2010. Revenge killings between Murle and Lou Nuer […]

The civic zeitgeist: nationalism and liberal values in the European radical right

This article examines the relationship between nationalism and liberal values and, more specifically, the redefinition of boundaries between national communities and others in the rhetoric of radical right parties in Europe. The aim is to examine the tension between radical right party discourse and the increasing need to shape this discourse in liberal terms. We […]