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Varieties of Right-Wing Extremism in Europe

Beginning with an analysis of the complex relationship between fascism and the post-war extreme right, the book discusses both contemporary parties and the cultural and intellectual influences of the European New Right as well as patterns of socialization and mobilization. It then analyses the effects of a range of factors on the ideological development of […]

Russian Human Rights Center Says Xenophobia, Racism Remain Rampant

The Moscow-based Sova Center says the level of xenophobia and radical nationals in Russia remained high last year. Presenting their 2012 report in Moscow on March 13, Sova’s experts said 19 people were killed and 187 injured in Russia as a result of hate-related attacks last year. They added that the radical nationalists targeted not […]

Austria’s far-right heartland has a change of heart

Four years after his death, the spirit of Jörg Haider, who hatched a brand of rightwing populism that has been copied across Europe, has finally been laid to rest. In his former powerbase in Carinthia, the far-right suffered a serious setback in the regional election on 3 March, polling only 17% of the vote compared […]

Searching for protection: Pakistan’s Shia minority

Is Pakistan’s government unable to provide security for its own citizens? Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a banned Pakistani militant group, continues to target the Shia community in Balochistan province. After three deadly bombings this year claimed hundreds of lives, members of Pakistan’s Shia minority are taking up arms to defend themselves. We examine the ongoing violence against the […]

Right-wing Extremism by the Spiegel

Running on nationalist and often racist platforms, far right parties have gone from the streets into government, enjoying renewed popularity on local and national levels throughout Europe. In eastern Germany, the far-right NPD party has a foothold at state and local levels. The Spiegel collects relevant materials from background features to opinions. For more information, […]