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Japanese mayor says second world war ‘comfort women’ were necessary

An outspoken nationalist mayor has said the Japanese military’s “comfort women” regime of forced prostitution of Asian women before and during the second world war was necessary to maintain discipline in the ranks and provide rest for soldiers who risked their lives in battle. The comments raised ire in neighbouring countries that bore the brunt […]

An Intersectional Gaze at Nationalist Projects: Prof Nira Yuval-Davis

Professor Nira Yuval-Davis, Director of the Research Centre on Migration, Refugees and Belonging, presenting “An Intersectional Gaze at Nationalist Projects: Women and Men of Particular Contexts”. Introduced by Çağlayan Arslan Part of the 2011/2012 ASEN seminar series on gender and nationalism Watch the full lecture here (length: 58 minutes).

Rights of women and the crisis of multiculturalism: Prof. Anne Phillips

Professor Anne Phillips, Director of the Gender Institute at London School of Economics, presenting on “rights of women as a crisis of multiculturalism”. Introduced by Çağlayan Arslan Watch the whole lecture here (length: 96 minutes).

Call for papers: Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs

The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is a biannual research journal produced by the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Published in the U.K. since 1979, the journal has firmly established itself as a highly respected and widely acclaimed academic and scholarly publication providing accurate, reliable and objective information about Muslim minority communities in non-Muslim societies around the world.  JMMA provides a forum for frank but […]