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Flashmob at the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources

“We have shut down the Ministry of Human Resources because they do a shitty job. It’s no particular event that has triggered this event but the last two years of politics…We therefore decided to create our own Ministry right here.” said Karoly Fuzessi. Friday May 31 2013 20 activists had by 10.30am occupied the lobby […]

The rise of the far-right in Hungary

Jobbik is one of the most politically successful far-righ parties in Europe. The Hungarian party is anti-EU, anti-semitic and anti-roma, and have thrived since the financial crisis. Channel 4’s Paraic O’Brien reports. Watch the video here (length: 10 minutes).

Why does Hungary still nurture the ancient prejudice of anti-Semitism?

The far right Jobbik party has become the third biggest party in recent year in Hungary, campaigning on a joint ticket to cut down on Roma crime and reduce the “Zionist” influence. As we reported last week, Jobbik controlled-councils have even established twinning arrangements with towns in Iran, much to the bemusement of most local […]

Occupying the Ludwig Museum in Budapest

As of Thursday May 9 2013 a group of artists and activists have been staging a sit-in protest/occupation in the hallway of Ludwig Museum, one of the most prominant cultural institutions in Budapest. The numbers of participants are varying according to the nature of events organized, ranging from a handful to 50-60 people of all […]

Inside the far-Right stronghold where Hungarian Jews fear for the future

As the World Jewish Congress opens in Budapest amid a rise in anti-Semitism in Hungary, Colin Freeman visits the town of Tiszavasvári, twinned with Iran and the stronghold of the far-Right Jobbik party. As the self-declared “capital” of the ultra-nationalist Jobbik Party, the town of Tiszavasvári prides itself on being a showcase for how the […]

‘Gypsies are not fit for coexistence’: Hate Speech in Hungary

On January 5th, Zsolt Bayer, a Hungarian journalist with links to the ruling party Fidesz, wrote a controversial article in Magyar Hirlap. In response to a murder on New Year’s Eve, where one of the suspects is a Roma, he wrote that “a significant part of Gypsies is not fit for coexistence and is not […]

Flag wars

Almost a century later, the scars of Trianon are still raw, which is why a diplomatic war has erupted between Hungary and Romania. Earlier this month, Titus Corlatean, the Romanian foreign minister, threatened to expel Oszkár Füzes, the Hungarian ambassador to Romania. Mr Füzes had voiced support for the Székler people, a group of ethnic […]