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Nationbuilding Iraq: Prof Charles Tripp

Charles Tripp, Professor of Politics with reference to the Middle East at the School of Oriental and African Studies, presenting a seminar on Nationbuilding Iraq. Watch the whole lecture here. (Length: 89 minutes) Advertisements

‘Turkey to take Yunus case to court’: Dutch media quote Turkish paper

A Turkish newspaper is reporting that the Turkish government is to take the case of a nine-year-old Turkish Dutch boy to the European Court of Human Rights in an effort to have him returned to his family. The boy, known as Yunus, has been looked after by a lesbian couple since he was a baby after […]

Turkey wants Turk-born kids brought up in native culture

Under a massive new campaign to preserve Turkey’s cultural identity, children of Turkish immigrants in Europe placed with non-Turk families by social services may be retrieved to be “raised in an environment similar to their native culture.” Ankara has launched a comprehensive drive and is mobilizing diplomatic efforts to retrieve Turkish children placed in foster […]

Alexander J. Motyl: The social construction of social construction: implications for theories of nationalism and identity formation

Although most contemporary theories of nationalism and identity formation rest on some form of social constructivism, few theorists of nationalism and identity formation interrogate social constructivism as a social construction – a social science concept “imposed” on the non-self-consciously constructivist behaviors of people, who generally do not believe they are engaging in construction. Since social […]