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Call for Papers: The new cosmopolitanism: Global migration and the building of a common life

The Contending Modernities Global Migration working group is pleased to announce an interdisciplinary conference to be held in London, UK on 14 & 15 October 2013 – The New Cosmopolitanism: Global Migration and the Building of a Common Life. The conference grows out of the working group’s research project in London, which focuses on the ways that broad-based community […]

Nationalism and Religion: Collective Identity and Choice: David Martin

The 19th Annual Ernest Gellner Memorial Lecture Nationalism and Religion: Collective Identity and Choice This lecture covers the revolutions following 1989, the Evangelical reolution in the Global South, and the revolution in the Arab World. David Martin is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics Watch the full lecture here (length: 59 […]

Nationbuilding Iraq: Prof Charles Tripp

Charles Tripp, Professor of Politics with reference to the Middle East at the School of Oriental and African Studies, presenting a seminar on Nationbuilding Iraq. Watch the whole lecture here. (Length: 89 minutes)

UNITED Against Racism Conference, Lithuania May 26-31

Open to  participants living in the countries of the Council of Europe who represent (inter)national antiracist, antifascist, refugee, human rights and minority rights organizations. Venue: 26-31 May 2013, in Lithuania UNITED is the largest pan-European anti-racist network of more than 550 organizations. With its conferences antiracist and human rights activists from all parts of Europe meet […]

Jason Chen Ethnicity and Identity

Jason Chen in his 2008 documentary Ethnicity and Identity interviews seven second-generation Chinese diaspora members asking a simple question – who are they? Chinese or French, Australian, Russian, Singaporean, Dutch etc.? What role does ethnicity play in personal identification? Watch it on YouTube (4 parts in total) Have questions or comments? Post them below to […]

Murad Ismayilov: State, identity, and the politics of music: Eurovision and nation-building in Azerbaijan

Albeit often – and fairly – degraded in the world of high culture as a populist and politicized representation of music, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) – by sheer virtue of the populist and politicized nature of its essence – stands among the most consequential cultural encounters to which post-independence Azerbaijan has been exposed, in […]

Aynur Kösea & Mustafa Yılmaza: Flagging Turkishness: the reproduction of banal nationalism in the Turkish press

This article explores banal nationalist themes and symbols in the Turkish media on the basis of the study by Michael Billig titled “Banal Nationalism”. In this study, we used content analysis method to reveal how the key concepts that encompass the idea of the nationhood have been propagated within presentations of the daily news. The […]