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Brazilian Tribes Fight for Their Land

Fazenda Buriti is one of 62 farms in the state that the indigenous people have overrun, part of their revolt against the government from the Amazon region to the southern Pampas area. They are fighting for their land, protecting the borders of their reservations, resisting the construction of hydroelectric power plants in their regions and […]

EU debates biopiracy law to protect indigenous people

The European parliament is debating a draft biopiracy law requiring industry to compensate indigenous people if it makes commercial use of local knowledge such as plant-based medicines. Under the law – based on the international convention on access to biodiversity, the Nagoya protocol – the pharmaceuticals industry would need the written consent of local or indigenous people before exploring their […]

Paris auction house sells Hopi masks despite tribe’s objection

A Paris auction house has gone ahead with a contested sale of dozens of Native American tribal masks after winning a court ruling, despite appeals for a delay by the Hopi tribe, its supporters and the US government. Shortly after the court announced its decision, auctioneers began selling dozens of brilliantly coloured masks made of […]

‘Idle No More’ inspires Canada’s indigenous

For 37 years, Gary Wassaykeesic has been seeking justice for his mother, who died on a remote reserve for indigenous people in Canada. Canadian law enforcement and the federal government have historically turned a blind eye to crimes committed on First Nations reserves, critics say. His quest to bring the alleged killer to justice has […]

Mali’s Tuareg people retain dream of independence amid persecution

The French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, recently berated Mali’s president Dioncounda Traoré about increasing reports of military violence against light-skinned civilians. Human Rights Watch and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights have also accused the Malian army of racist attacks against innocent Tuareg, Arabs and Fulani men. As many feared, wresting the northern two […]

Amazon tribe threatens to declare war amid row over Brazilian dam project

An Amazonian community has threatened to “go to war” with the Brazilian government after what they say is a military incursion into their land by dam builders. The Munduruku indigenous group in Para state say they have been betrayed by the authorities, who are pushing ahead with plans to build a cascade of hydropower plants on the Tapajós […]

The Fight for Rapanui independence on the Easter Islands

Can the Easter Island’s indigenous Rapanui win the battle for independence form Chile to protect their land and culture? The famed monolithic Moai statues in Easter Island are symbols of the land’s mysterious past. Centuries ago, the Rapanui, a people of Polynesian descent, faced the threat of extinction as the island was on the brink […]