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No such thing as ‘race’, say French lawmakers

France’s National Assembly voted on Thursday 16 May to strike out the word “race” in any existing legislation that governs the country, even as members of the main opposition Union for Popular Movement labelled the move as overly idealistic. “In eliminating the legal category of race, the Assembly has helped our country move forward on […]

Nationbuilding Iraq: Prof Charles Tripp

Charles Tripp, Professor of Politics with reference to the Middle East at the School of Oriental and African Studies, presenting a seminar on Nationbuilding Iraq. Watch the whole lecture here. (Length: 89 minutes)

Language, Religion and the Politics of Difference

Professor Rogers Brubaker (UCLA) giving the 2012 Ernest Gellner Memorial Lecture on “Language, Religion and the Politics of Difference”. Watch the full lecture here (length: 48 minutes).

Amsterdam Changes the Label for Denoting Immigrants

The Amsterdam City Council has decided to stop using the labels ‘autochtoon’ and ‘allochtoon’. These are used by the Dutch state, and for example the Bureau for Statistics, to differentiate between native and non-native Dutch. An ‘allochtoon’ is officially defined as a person with at least one parent that was born abroad. There is further […]

Rogers Brubaker: Language, religion and the politics of difference

Language and religion are arguably the two most socially and politically consequential domains of cultural difference in the modern world. Yet there have been very few efforts to compare the two in any sustained way. I begin by aligning language and religion, provisionally, with ethnicity and nationhood, and by sketching five ways in which language […]

Call for papers: Minority languages in a multilingual Europe

A call for papers for a workshop on Minority languages in a multilingual Europe, was published by the Linguist List : Topics of the workshop will be: 1. Vitality vs. endangerment 2. Language policies 3. Language attitudes 4. Language and identity 5. Minority languages in education The workshop will be opened by a keynote speaker […]