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UK Muslims face far-right revenge attacks

British Muslims fear they could become “sitting targets” for far-right violence following a spate of attacks on mosques and a spike in other reported hate incidents in the week since the murder of a British soldier on a London street. The most serious attack occurred in the east coast town of Grimsby on Sunday night […]

Germany: Friedrich ‘Stoking Anti-Immigrant Sentiment’

Germany and a handful of EU countries have blocked Bulgaria and Romania from joining the Schengen Area of border-free travel. Editorialists at the Germany’s left-leaning dailies are calling the move an election-year ploy on the part of conservatives in Berlin. Bulgaria and Romania have been members of the European Union since 2007, but their accession […]

Aynur Kösea & Mustafa Yılmaza: Flagging Turkishness: the reproduction of banal nationalism in the Turkish press

This article explores banal nationalist themes and symbols in the Turkish media on the basis of the study by Michael Billig titled “Banal Nationalism”. In this study, we used content analysis method to reveal how the key concepts that encompass the idea of the nationhood have been propagated within presentations of the daily news. The […]