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Call for Papers: The new cosmopolitanism: Global migration and the building of a common life

The Contending Modernities Global Migration working group is pleased to announce an interdisciplinary conference to be held in London, UK on 14 & 15 October 2013 – The New Cosmopolitanism: Global Migration and the Building of a Common Life. The conference grows out of the working group’s research project in London, which focuses on the ways that broad-based community […]

Call for Papers: International Conference: The PKK, Kurdish Nationalism and the Future of Turkey

The School of Public & International Affairs, Virginia Tech, National Capital Region, the  Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Chair (Indiana University) and the Center for Turkish Studies (Portland State University) plan to organize an international conference on the PKK, Kurdish Nationalism and the Future of Turkey. This will be a one day conference with four specific […]

Call for papers: The promise of urban citizenship – Lessons for Europe

Citizenship is traditionally thought of as a legal tool for the nation-state to assign rights and duties to its citizenry. However, many social phenomena are gradually eroding traditional citizenship regimes: socio-economic globalisation, increased immigration and emerging supranational structures pull from the outside, while cultural pluralisation, demographic change and the crisis of the welfare state push […]

Uppsala International Conference on the Discrimination, Marginalization and Persecution of Roma

Research that deals with the discrimination, marginalization and persecution of Roma and Resande/Travelers is an expanding but rather new discipline. There are a few exceptions from the late 1960s and early 1970s, both internationally and in Sweden, but broadly speaking, systematic research was not introduced until the late 1980s. Internationally, there are a number of […]

Call for papers: Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs

The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is a biannual research journal produced by the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Published in the U.K. since 1979, the journal has firmly established itself as a highly respected and widely acclaimed academic and scholarly publication providing accurate, reliable and objective information about Muslim minority communities in non-Muslim societies around the world.  JMMA provides a forum for frank but […]

Call for papers: Minority languages in a multilingual Europe

A call for papers for a workshop on Minority languages in a multilingual Europe, was published by the Linguist List : Topics of the workshop will be: 1. Vitality vs. endangerment 2. Language policies 3. Language attitudes 4. Language and identity 5. Minority languages in education The workshop will be opened by a keynote speaker […]