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The rise of the far-right in Hungary

Jobbik is one of the most politically successful far-righ parties in Europe. The Hungarian party is anti-EU, anti-semitic and anti-roma, and have thrived since the financial crisis. Channel 4’s Paraic O’Brien reports. Watch the video here (length: 10 minutes). Advertisements

Why does Hungary still nurture the ancient prejudice of anti-Semitism?

The far right Jobbik party has become the third biggest party in recent year in Hungary, campaigning on a joint ticket to cut down on Roma crime and reduce the “Zionist” influence. As we reported last week, Jobbik controlled-councils have even established twinning arrangements with towns in Iran, much to the bemusement of most local […]

ERRC Roma Rights Summer School

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) invites applications for its highly acclaimed annual Roma Rights Summer School . The Summer School will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 21 July – 1 August 2013th The 10-day Summer School is Intended for Young Activists and students of Romani origin from all European Countries. 1  The Summer School will offer both […]

Summer School: Who is Sovereign? Citizenship in Europe and Beyond (Koszeg, Hungary)

18th International Summer University in Koszeg, Hungary: The 2013 summer university will include a series of diverse but interconnected themes such as: – The European Crisis: New Opportunities  for Central European Cooperation?; – Cities and City Assemblies: Can these ’New Players’ revitalize Europe within the context of the Danube Strategy?; – The Viability of EU Citizenship: Special […]

Uppsala International Conference on the Discrimination, Marginalization and Persecution of Roma

Research that deals with the discrimination, marginalization and persecution of Roma and Resande/Travelers is an expanding but rather new discipline. There are a few exceptions from the late 1960s and early 1970s, both internationally and in Sweden, but broadly speaking, systematic research was not introduced until the late 1980s. Internationally, there are a number of […]

Roma in France Face Multiple Evictions

Roma from Aubervilliers have faced multiple evictions, with disproportionate use of police force, after their settlement was burned down last month. The European Roma Rights Centre and Médecins du Monde sent a letter to French authorities asking them to provide assistance for the families. Around 300 Roma were living in Aubervilliers until their settlement was destroyed by […]

Michael Stewart: ‘The Gypsy Menace’

Stewart, Michael. ‘The Gypsy Menace’; Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics. London: Hurst & Company, 2012. Across Europe, Roma and Gypsies are suffering increasing intolerance and hostility. A new populist politics, that seeks political meaning in collective experiences and values forms of solidarity rooted in town, class, community or nation, finds in the Roma a suitable […]