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PKK sets date for withdrawal from Turkey

The Kurdish rebel group the PKK has announced it will withdraw its thousands of fighters from Turkey starting on May 8. The rebels from the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), who have been fighting the Turkish government for the last three decades, will move to northern Iraq after leaving Turkish territory. During the announcement, the armed group […]

Mali’s Tuareg people retain dream of independence amid persecution

The French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, recently berated Mali’s president Dioncounda Traoré about increasing reports of military violence against light-skinned civilians. Human Rights Watch and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights have also accused the Malian army of racist attacks against innocent Tuareg, Arabs and Fulani men. As many feared, wresting the northern two […]

Peoples, self-determination and secession: Prof. Michel Seymour

Professor Michel Seymour, Department of Philosophy at the University of Montreal, presenting “Peoples, self-determination and secession”. Watch the whole lecture here (length: 54 minutes).

Serbia-Kosovo talks end without accord

Leaders from Serbia and Kosovo have failed to come to agreement on the status of Serb-dominated northern Kosovo in talks held in Brussels. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who had been mediating in the talks, said in a statement that the gap between the two sides was “very narrow, but deep.” She said the 12-hour […]

PKK leader calls for ceasefire in Turkey

Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed Kurdish rebel leader, has issued a long-awaited ceasefire declaration that would be a major step towards ending a 30-year conflict that has cost around 40,000 lives in Turkey. The ceasefire, announced on Thursday and which coincides with the Kurdish New Year, or Newroz, also calls for the withdrawal of PKK likely to […]

Basque left nationalism launches strategic rebirth

Nearly 10 years after the Spanish high court outlawed previous Basque left nationalist political groups, the movement has finally given birth to a new legal party ― Sortu (“to create” or “to be born” in Basque). The new arrival is a powerful force for Basque independence and progressive politics in the Spanish state ― socialist, […]

Voters deal blow to Catalan president’s hopes for independence referendum by the Guardian

The Catalan president leading the region’s most determined bid for independence in decades has emerged much weaker from elections he called to press for a referendum on breaking away from Spain. The final count gave Artur Mas’s Convergència i Unió (CiU) 50 seats, down from the 62 it won when elections were last held, two years ago, and […]