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Pro Independence Curacao politician Helmin Wiels shot dead

A prominent politician on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, Helmin Wiels, has been shot dead. Witnesses said he was killed on the beach by gunmen who sped off in a car. Mr Wiels, 54, led the Pueblo Soberano party, which campaigns for independence from the Netherlands. Mr Wiels’s Pueblo Soberano party gained a majority […]

The Netherlands: From National Identity to Plural Identifications

National identity has become a highly politicized issue in the Netherlands in the past decade, with many public figures voicing different opinions on what it means to be “Dutch.” Both right-wing and mainstream parties have adopted political rhetoric that appeals to the public’s growing anxiety about immigrants and their effect on local communities, and many […]

‘Turkey to take Yunus case to court’: Dutch media quote Turkish paper

A Turkish newspaper is reporting that the Turkish government is to take the case of a nine-year-old Turkish Dutch boy to the European Court of Human Rights in an effort to have him returned to his family. The boy, known as Yunus, has been looked after by a lesbian couple since he was a baby after […]

Turkey wants Turk-born kids brought up in native culture

Under a massive new campaign to preserve Turkey’s cultural identity, children of Turkish immigrants in Europe placed with non-Turk families by social services may be retrieved to be “raised in an environment similar to their native culture.” Ankara has launched a comprehensive drive and is mobilizing diplomatic efforts to retrieve Turkish children placed in foster […]

Amsterdam Changes the Label for Denoting Immigrants

The Amsterdam City Council has decided to stop using the labels ‘autochtoon’ and ‘allochtoon’. These are used by the Dutch state, and for example the Bureau for Statistics, to differentiate between native and non-native Dutch. An ‘allochtoon’ is officially defined as a person with at least one parent that was born abroad. There is further […]

‘A contract for new arrivals’

The Labour Party’s Minister for Social Affairs declared in an interview that “anyone who comes from another country and wants to register as a resident of a Dutch municipality should sign a participation contract.” Read the full article here.