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Call for papers: Doing citizenship. Practices of exclusion, demands of inclusion and new subjectivities in the Middle East and Europe

Recent Middle East revolutions have placed the issue of citizenship at the centre of political reflection. Political conflicts, the debate on the new constitutions and cultural disputes seem to entail different ways of conceiving citizenship, civil and political rights, ideals and practices of belonging, other than implying different levels of recognition: sub-national, national and supranational. […]

Call for papers: Whither the Nation? National identity in the twentieth-century and contemporary Middle East and South Asia

The Orient Institut ¬†and the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut will be convening a two and half day conference in Beirut (September 27-29) on twentieth-century and contemporary political thought and its dealings with the question of national identity. The aim of the conference will be to discuss […]

Riva Kastoryano: Turkey Between Nationalism and Globalization

Turkish society has been going through institutional and ideological change that has affected its social, cultural and political practices. This book examines these contemporary tensions, which have led to a re-appraisal of Turkey as a nation and Turkish nationalism as it tries to situate itself as a regional and global power. Analysing the internal and […]