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Protests in Turkey Reveal a Larger Fight Over Identity

In full public view, a long struggle over urban spaces is erupting as a broader fight over Turkish identity, where difficult issues of religion, social class and politics intersect. And while most here acknowledge that every Turkish ruling class has sought to put its stamp on Istanbul, there is a growing sense that none has […]

Rethinking National Identity in the Age of Migration

Large-scale immigration has led to unprecedented levels of diversity around the globe, transforming communities in fundamental ways and challenging long and closely held notions of national identity. The backlash against immigration has manifested itself in Europe in recent years partly through vocal criticism of “multiculturalism,” and in the United States as a growing tendency to […]

Call for participants: The Savage State? Violence in Nationalism and Nation-building

Organized by the Violence & Conflict History Graduate Workshop, this one-day, inter-disciplinary graduate symposium aims to bring together scholars from both the UK and abroad to explore the ways in which the language, logic, and practices of violence and conflict have historically shaped conceptions of nationhood and national identity.  We welcome papers from current doctoral candidates […]