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Spain: government bill introduces language and integration tests

The conservative government in Spain seeks to fulfil its electoral promise of modifying the rules of residence-based naturalisation in a new bill introduced in Parliament in March 2013. The main novelty of the bill is the introduction of a language test and of an integration test. Besides the fact that the current bill does not […]

Basque left nationalism launches strategic rebirth

Nearly 10 years after the Spanish high court outlawed previous Basque left nationalist political groups, the movement has finally given birth to a new legal party ― Sortu (“to create” or “to be born” in Basque). The new arrival is a powerful force for Basque independence and progressive politics in the Spanish state ― socialist, […]

Spain Offers Citizenship to Descendants of Jews Forced Out During the Inquisition

Spain’s Justice Minister, Alberto Ruizo-Gallardon, announced the offer to descendants of Spain’s former Jews in November at a Jewish center in Madrid. Part of Carvajal’s family was Sephardic Jew. But when they left Spain for Costa Rica, they converted to Catholicism, at least officially, out of fear of Spanish Inquisitors. The Inquisition hunted down and […]

Voters deal blow to Catalan president’s hopes for independence referendum by the Guardian

The Catalan president leading the region’s most determined bid for independence in decades has emerged much weaker from elections he called to press for a referendum on breaking away from Spain. The final count gave Artur Mas’s Convergència i Unió (CiU) 50 seats, down from the 62 it won when elections were last held, two years ago, and […]